October 2012

Don Voisine, "Red Cog," 2012, oil on wood, 36" x 32"

Don Voisine

Formal, dynamic, subtle, and precise, the thirteen works on view by New York artist Don Voisine are surprising and wonderful to experience. These works must be seen in person, and it's worth the effort. The gentle play of color and shape are truly delightful and a bit playfully vision-warping to behold.

Distinctively graphic with sharply defined edges, it's easy to see in Voisine's painting a connection to font design, as several of the abstract shapes work are broadly symbolic forms akin to letters. Also, using subtle plays of tone, a black abutting a deeply dark grey, for example, and angled lines and shapes against straight horizon lines, Voisine plays with perspective, giving these minimal but complex works an op art feel of a great deal of movement. Here, Voisine makes the age-old exploration of color and form his own, breathing contemporary life into a difficult pursuit.