March 2013

Amy Feldman: Raw Graces

To see Amy Feldman's new art is to be immersed in a world of seemingly primitive letters. Imperfect triangles dance in rhythm on one large canvas, while another features a tunnel of cavernous squares, and another has two stretched-out M's atop one another. Feldman's art is both fun and purposeful - a kind of Rorschach test for those who like to be seduced and challenged by art in small galleries. The thing is, Feldman's art is anything but small. At Gregory Lind Gallery, which is hosting Feldman's work through April 20, the biggest canvases stretch to almost seven feet. Up close, many have noticeable drips, which accentuate the sense that these works are raw and intimate: The triangles in Feldman's new works were inspired by the corner of her dining-room table. Based in Brooklyn, Feldman is already known to the East Coast art establishment. "Raw Graces" is Feldman's debut solo exhibit on the West Coast - a chance to see an artist who once said she wants viewers to "have a genuine sensory experience when looking at my work, as I am completely indulgent yet totally sincere in my pursuit of painting." Frank and silly. That's Amy Feldman.