June 07, 2009

Christian Maychack

Christian Maychack has returned to Jeff Bailey Gallery in New York City this month to present a new group of sculptures in an exhibition titled Host. The Brooklyn-based artist has created seven unassuming new works, all of which rely on the organic structure of tree limbs and branches as a central form to expand upon. In a departure from previous works, which typically feature manipulated anthropomorphic forms that depend on man-made architectural structures for their existence, these new works build upon existing organic structures, adding an obvious man-made quality that is dependent on an organic form. However, upon further inspection, the work contains the same level of craftsmanship and obsessive construction as the artist's previous materially oriented works. Host mines the natural and cultural connections that are often overlooked by man, making a point to highlight that these two elements are intimately connected. These works become a meditation on form, both natural and artificial, providing a new language to understand the constant control, manipulation and systemization of man in connection to nature.

Maychack is a graduate of San Francisco State University, and recently completed the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture artist residency. He has completed recently solo exhibition with Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco, and Sirius Art Center in Cobh, Ireland.