June 17, 2015

Gregory Lind // Phillip Maisel : The Perfect Copy

An excellent solo show of new photography and sculpture by Maisel. His work continues to get better, not by changing itself fundamentally (these pieces wouldn't feel terribly out of place in the artist's MFA show) but by slowly adding to its vocabulary of moves and gestures. This is a playful practice, through repetitions and small changes both to the physical subject and in post-production the interior worlds of these photographs warp and surprise. Added now are a few small bits of paper here and there, bringing yet another level of physical image making outside of the digital file. Elements are added to, other are occluded; its subtle stuff but well executed and rewarding of careful attention. The sculptural bits here and there aren't bad but are unneeded. I think I prefer the random bits of glass and plastic in their hidden studio world versus in the gallery with me. Highly recommended.