April 12, 2008

Substance & Ordination
Gregory Lind Gallery

Yackulic at Lind

A peculiar blend of the futuristic and the antiquarian marks the drawings of former Bay Area artist Will Yackulic.

In "Substance & Ordination" (2008), he has characteristically used a favorite marking tool - an old long-carriage typewriter - to create a sort of dunescape across the lower half of the page. Above, in a sky irradiated by a shower of hyphens, floats a faceted sphere, made to look reflectively metallic by careful application of gouache.

Like several other pieces in the show, this one recalls the sort of "artist's conception" of an extraterrestrial vantage point from before the era of space travel.

But Yackulic's work has a physicality completely unlike that of illustrations intended for reproduction. And they trigger a strange chain of associations, stretching from Tantric art to that of Max Ernst (1891-1976).