Sarah Bostwick

Landlord White, 2008
Pearwood and acrylic

Sarah Bostwick

Landlord White

October 25 - November 29, 2008

Gregory Lind Gallery is pleased to present Landlord White, an exhibition of painted relief sculpture, photographs, and prints by New York artist Sarah Bostwick. Titles like "Post No Bills Blue," "Black Stair," and "Landlord White" describe the important role that color plays in this minimal but brightly painted body of work.

Playing with the idea of predetermined architectural tropes and how individuals work within these sets of zoning laws and cultural norms, Landlord White refers to the neutral color all apartments return to after each tenant vacates. It is the ultimate in chromatic reduction: the natural state to which everything returns within certain sectors of the rental market. While much of Bostwick's work focuses on the complex systems-based interplay between humans, time, and physical space, Landlord White wryly comments on the almost magisterial decree that Navajo White and Swiss Coffee be declared the official shades of chromatic neutrality. The reference to larger systems in this case is confined to the imagined accumulation of decisions that led to these conventions in the first place.

Sarah Bostwick's exhibitions include: Absens, Meessen-De Clercq, Brussels, 2008; Homecoming, Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT, 2006; Grand Apartment, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2006; and Element of the Temporary 3, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA, 2002. Bostwick graduated with a degree in Printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design in 2001. Her work is in the permanent collection of SFMOMA, and has been featured in Art in America, Artweek and Flash Art. This is Sarah Bostwick's third solo exhibition at Gregory Lind Gallery. She currently lives and works in New York.


Black Stair, 2007
Polyurethane, Hydrocal, wood, edition: 3
32.5 x 21 x 2 in.

Black Stair (detail)

Landlord White, 2008
Pear wood, acrylic
13 x 18 x 1.5 in.

Landlord White (detail)

Richmond, 2008
C-print, editon: 5
13.75 x 24.5 in.

Light Well, 2007-2008
Hydrocal, maple, edition: 5
13 x 10 x 2.25 in.

Gates, 2008
Wood, paint, metal
30 x 40 in.

Gates (detail)

San Francisco Pink & Green, 2008
Wood, paint
80 x 80 x 34 in.

San Francisco Pink & Green (detail)

San Francisco Pink & Green (detail)

San Francisco Pink & Green (detail)

Post No Bills Blue, 2008
Wood, paint
30 x 49.75 in.

Post No Bills Blue (detail)

Post No Bills Blue (detail)

Exhibition view